What the Bates Film Festival Has Meant to My Career

By Amanda Metzger (BFF 2022)

Working with the Bates Film Festival gave me plenty of opportunities to learn important skills for careers in the arts, particularly in fields like development and producing. As BFF members we had the opportunity to be involved in almost every element of putting the festival together, like directly contacting film professionals to get access to films, sending fundraising emails out to campus and Freeport donors and coordinating events like panels and concerts for the screenings. As part of the festival prep, we were each assigned a past BFF member to interview which, along with giving us a glimpse into past festivals, also gave us the opportunity to talk with post-grad Bates students, many of whom were working in the entertainment industry and could give helpful and specific advice. We also learned the importance of choosing films that would be exciting and relevant to our audience, something that is not usually considered in college courses where we often create products for our own learning and not for the benefit or enjoyment of others. 

When I started interviewing for jobs post-grad, I put the Bates Film Festival on my resume and always felt that it was a great experience to talk about in cover letters and interviews, particularly when asked about project management skills, working in a fast-paced environment, and collaboration with a team. These skills have continued to help me in my current role in fundraising and development where I work with high-level donors and have to visualize the outcomes to long-term projects. Being part of the Bates Film Festival was more than a position to add to my resume, it was also fun, rewarding and exciting and one of the most memorable experiences from my college years.