Erik Moody

Erik Moody’s (he/him) first feature film was Allen Baldwin’s Up Up Down Down (2008). Since then, he has had the pleasure of acting in many independent films, including, but not limited to, Erin Enberg’s The Getaway (2021), The Poet (2015), and Arabel (2014), Aron Gaudet and Gita Pullapilly’s Beneath the Harvest Sky (2013), Morgan Nichols’ How to Make Movies at Home (2012), Corey Norman’s The Hanover House (2014), Natal via The Invoking 2 (2015).  Erik also starred in Barry Dodd and Karen L. Dodd’s award-winning web series Ragged Isle (2011-2014) and in comedian Bob Marley’s Wicked Pissers (2008). He provided character narration in HISTORY’s mini-series documentary D-Day in HD (2014). Erik has voiced characters in Pocket Universe Productions’ Locke & Key, Titanium Rain, EC Comics PresentsThe Vault of Horror!, Dagaz Media’s Dream Breachers, The X-Files: Cold Cases, and FinalRune Productions’ The Cleansed.  Moody has performed in many plays in the Portland, ME theatre community since 2008, including, but not limited to, working with Good Theater (4000 Miles), Mad Horse Theatre Company (Lieutenant of Inishmore), Lorem Ipsum (Threepenny Opera), AIRE (The Streets of Portland), Dramatic Repertory Company (Year of the Rooster), and PSC (Haunting Hour 2.0). Erik Moody is 1/2 of the band ROBBER & THIEF (Spotify, Apple Music).