Erika J. Wilson

Erika J. Wilson, aka Brika Brack, is a magna cum laude Bachelor of Arts graduate of the University of New Hampshire. A fearless film, stage and voice actor, she has performed in countless productions from main stage, improv, live role-play, television commercials, music videos, to feature length and short award winning films. She is a varied artist capable of deeply and accurately portraying the dramatic as easily as she embraces and displays the nuances of perfectly timed comedy. Her wide array of possible looks lends further to her range, while her commitment to character embodiment and development give great fervor to any role. She is also a published writer, emcee, host, producer, model, singer, dancer, TV correspondent, poet, purveyor of positivity, force of nature, cheese connoisseur, chihuahua lover, friend, free spirit, self-improvement guru and all around entertainer, with a penchant for tie-dye and making ridiculous faces. Whether interviewing Terry Gilliam in Hollywood for a documentary, performing in a critically acclaimed stage adaptation of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, starring in the award winning WWII film “Arabel”, lending her voice to an animated adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s The Homecoming, or working at the prestigious “Hollywood of Europe,” Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Italy – she always brings her New England charm, vibrant personality, ever present sense of humor, garlic salt and great love of the arts with her.