Directed by Alon Schwarz

Notable Festivals: Sundance (Premiere) 2022, Cleveland International Film Festival, 2022.

Awards: Nominee, World Cinema – Documentary, Sundance.

Shortly after World War II, war broke out in Palestine-Israel. Israelis know it as “The War of Independence” but Palestinians call it Nakba, the Palestinian Catastrophe. Alon Schwarz’s Tantura portrays what occurred during the 1948 War. More importantly, the film uncovers some of the crimes committed and covered up by the Israeli state in the first phases of statehood, and how Israeli society has looked the other way and built its own narrative and founding myths. An important film that premiered at Sundance in January, Tantura has become increasingly relevant with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The international community, led by the US and EU, have banded together in support of white, Ukrainian refugees, but Palestinian, Yemeni, and Syrian refugees continue to receive a fraction of that attention and aid. We hope this film will ignite discussions about current issues in foreign policy and the disparity between the treatment of white and non-white refugees in the West. (Written by Niharika Tuladhar ‘22)

Website: http://www.reelpeakfilms.com/tantura

Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 10:10am / Nordica Theater 5