Squirrel Wars

Directed by Jill Morley

Notable Festivals: Aspen ShortsFest, 2021; Hot Docs, 2021; Sarasota Film Festival, 2021.

Awards: Best Documentary Short Film, Hamilton New York Film Festival, 2021.

Squirrel Wars chronicles the story of how a once-innocent, squirrel-inspired Facebook group became the site of a heated political exchange. This film follows Billie Madley, a woman who loves squirrels so much that she feels compelled to defend them when Facebook users digitally dress them in offensive Confederate and Nazi gear. Told with humor, this film investigates a serious issue. Through Madley’s online interactions with detractors and supporters alike, we see how powerful social media platforms can be in creating and fracturing communities. Squirrel Wars will keep you laughing and thinking! (Written by Amanda Taylor ’23)

Website: https://www.jillmorley.com/work2/squirrel-wars

Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 10:20am / Nordica Theater 2 (in Shorts Block)