Romance & Cigarettes

Directed by John Turturro

Notable Festivals: Venice Film Festival, 2005.

Awards: Nominee, Golden Lion, Venice Film Festival, 2005.

Romance & Cigarettes features a star-studded cast with big names such as James Gandolfini, Kate Winslet, Susan Sarandon, and Christopher Walken. In this musical, where the characters lip sync well known songs, audiences follow Nick (Gandolfini), a blue-collar worker from Queens, New York. Nick recently committed adultery, and his life has been turned upside-down. His wife Kitty (Surandon) is hurt and incensed by his actions, but she still loves him.  His mistress Tula (Winslet) expects Nick to leave Kitty for her. Nick faces a moral dilemma and must choose between two paths with uncertain futures. Directed by John Turturro, Romance & Cigarettes is a valuable film that opens conversations about gender equality, masculine and feminine norms, and the power of music in telling a story. (Written by Cole De Magistris ’24)

In Person: John Turturro, Director


Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 4:00pm / Nordica Theater 3