Are You Still There?

Directed by Sam A. Davis and Rayka Zehtabchi

Notable Festivals: South by Southwest, 2021; Clermont-Ferrand, 2021; Seattle International Film Festival, 2021

Are You Still There? follows Safa (Safa Tarifi), a young woman whose car battery dies in a strip mall parking lot. Despite being a relatively common occurrence, this seemingly simple incident becomes the inciting event for a story about perseverance, family, and love. Co-directed by Sam A. Davis and Rayka Zehtabchi (Academy Award-winner® for Period. End of Sentence.), Are You Still There? is an incredibly heartfelt watch that draws you in and sets you on an emotional roller coaster within the span of only 15 minutes. (Written by Audrey Soss ‘24)


Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 10:20am / Nordica Theater 2 (in the Shorts Block)