(Directed by John Turturro)

Notable Festivals: Cannes Film Festival, 1992.

Awards: Camera d’Or, Cannes Film Festival; Nominee, Best Director and Best First Feature, Independent Spirit Awards.

After their father dies, three brothers quit their construction jobs and try to make it on their own. They risk everything to follow in their father’s footsteps, starting their own construction company and building quality houses that would make their dad proud. In the process of creating and running their company, the oldest brother, Mac (John Turturro), becomes obsessed with the business finances and the quality of the houses. This puts a strain on his relationship with his brothers, and ultimately, Mac must choose between his family and the company. John Turturro’s directorial debut is a story about family and conflicting values and a film that is very personal and based loosely on the Turturro family.  The Bates Film Festival is proud to present this 30th anniversary screening. (Written by Nolan Potter ‘22)

In Person: John Turturro, Writer/Director/Actor


Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 12:30pm / Nordica Theater 3