Emma Upton

Emma Upton is a senior from southern New Hampshire. She is a double-major in Rhetoric, Film and Screen Studies, and on the studio track of Art and Visual Culture. She just completed a year-long mixed-media art thesis that explores themes of loss, introspection and fragmentation after the October 25th mass shooting in Lewiston. Using cut-paper, collaging, back lighting and epoxy she created a series of abstract self-portraits. This past fall she completed a rhetoric thesis that explores the legacy of Christopher McCandless as a culturally constructed symbol. Using an auto-ethnographic methodology she analyzed his rhetorical impact and significance within popular American discourse. On campus she is a mentor to first-year students as a member of Residential Life, offers bi-weekly cheese tasting events as the founder of Cheese Club, and competes on the Club Ice Hockey and Soccer teams. Her love for film combines her appreciation of visual aesthetics and narration.