Framing Agnes

(Directed by Chase Joynt)

Notable Festivals: Premiere, Sundance, 2022; BFI Flare, 2022; HotDocs 2022

Awards: Next Innovator Award, Sundance, 2022; Audience Award: Next, Sundance 2022

Using 1950s case files from UCLA’s gender clinic, Framing Agnes examines the topic of gender identity through the story of Agnes: a trans woman who used the system to her advantage and attained gender confirmation surgery at a time when it was often denied. Chase Joynt’s second feature-length documentary (following No Ordinary Man which was his first) stars trans actors and academics. Joynt employs the talk show format to examine how the media has marginalized trans people historically and how it continues to marginalize them today. The film is an important conversation starter that centers trans people in conversations about trans identity, the trans community, and exposes long-neglected aspects of trans history. In addition, Framing Agnes also offers a unique structure that challenges and expands the documentary form. (Written by Audrey Soss ‘24)


Screens: Fri Apr 1 / 1:30pm / Nordica Theater 4