Directed by Steven Lisberger

Awards: Nominee, Best Costume Design and Best Sound, 55th Academy Awards®; Nominee, Best Special Visual Effects, BAFTA Awards.

Tron, directed by Steven Lisberger, is a science fiction action adventure film that is heavily influenced by Lisberger’s fascination with video games. The film follows Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer and video game developer who is imported into a software world.  In order to escape, Flynn must interact with various programs. Tron is an important film that spearheaded innovations in the film industry, especially in the area of visual effects. The groundbreaking effects used backlit animation combined with computer animations and live action and influenced later films like Toy Story. The Bates Film Festival is proud to present this 40th anniversary screening. (Written by Oliver Wan ‘22)

With an Introduction by Asha Tamarisa, Bates Music Professor


Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 8:00pm / Nordica Theater 3