The New Corporation: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

(Directed by Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan)

Notable Festivals: Toronto International Film Festival, 2020; AFI Fest, 2020.

Awards: Nominee, Best Canadian Feature Film, Toronto International Film Festival, 2020; Nominee, Best Direction, Documentary Program, and Best Writing, Documentary, Canadian Screen Awards, 2022.

The New Corporation is a documentary film that spotlights the urgency of regulating the power of corporations. It identifies corporate greed as the root cause of global issues such as climate change, inequality, and democratic ruination. However, because of strategic rebranding to label themselves as socially conscious, corporations are able to slink beneath the public’s scrutiny and continue dismantling core institutions, the environment, and human lives. The New Corporation then delves into how corporations have transcended the private sector and collectively act as the governing body of nations all over the world. This film is a call to action and may even hope to provoke outrage. At the very least, it will inspire discussion and debate about how corporate practices affect the world on both an individual and global level. (Written by Niharika Tuladhar ’22)


Screens: Fri Apr 1 / 10:15am / Nordica Theater 5