Directed by Marley Morrison

Notable Festivals: Outfest, 2021; Frameline, 2021; Inside Out Toronto, 2021, BFI Flare, 2021.

Awards: Audience Award, Glasgow Film Festival, 2021.

Sweatheart follows AJ, a socially conscious and awkward teenager, who is forced on a family road trip to a holiday park. Constantly trying to negotiate her own identity, AJ rebels against her mother’s and sister’s adherence to more traditional feminine norms and struggles to feel connected to a family that she feels does not accept her. Along the way, AJ finds a friend in Isla, a lifeguard who works at the park.  As the two get close, AJ must learn to love herself while she navigates her sexual desire. Written and directed by Marley Morrison [Sticks and Stones (2014) and Baby Gravy (2017)], Sweatheart transforms the typical queer coming of age narrative, provides unique representations the LGBTQ+ community, and advances discussions of identity negotiation and societal norms. (Written by Owen McShane ‘22)

 Website: https://www.sweetheartfilm.co.uk

Screens: Fri Apr 1 / 4:00pm / Nordica Theater 4