Directed by Zoé Pelchat-Ouellet

Notable Festivals: DC Shorts, 2021; Aspen ShortsFest, 2021.

Awards: Grand-Prix, Kyiv International Short Film Festival; Nominee, Best Short Film, Directors Guild of Canada.

Babz, a woman who has recently been released from prison, searches for her place in a world that has tried its hardest to discard her. As she struggles to adjust to life on the outside, she proves to herself and others that she is worthy of giving and receiving love. The main characters of this award-winning Canadian short aren’t the sort that are typically featured on screen; they are recovering addicts, low-wage workers, and ex-convicts. Lune reaffirms the personhood of those who are marked by such descriptors by showing them as neither heroes nor villains, but normal people trying their best to make a life for themselves. (Written by J’von Ortiz-Cedeno ’22)


Screens: Sat Apr 2 / 10:20am / Nordica Theater 2 (in Shorts Block)