Aidan Riano

Aidan Riano is originally from New York City, New York, but for the last four years has called Lewiston, Maine home. At Bates College, they are a lover and participator in the arts. Majoring in Art History, singing in the a capella group Takenote, making short films with friends, and reading and writing poetry are all mediums they love deeply that they’ve found ways to incorporate into their life. Outside of the classroom they spend a good amount of time watching and learning from movies. Whether it’s a group viewing at the Flagship Cinema in Auburn, a solo trip to the Eveningstar Cinema in Brunswick, or a double feature with friends at home, there are few things they enjoy more than taking in a movie. In paintings, sculptures, and films alike, the visual language is one they hope to continue to learn from and better understand. See you at the movies!