Tom Wilhite

Tom Wilhite is co-founder of Hyperion Pictures, an Emmy Award-winning production company for live-action and animated films and television programming. He takes pride in Hyperion’s efforts to emphasize ethnically diverse animation with programs such as The Proud Family and Bebe’s Kids. Wilhite is a former executive director of the Sundance Institute and Sundance Film Festival, after being corporate officer in charge of production at Walt Disney. His career in film festivals began in college through a Marx Bros. Film Festival where he went on to meet legendary comedian Groucho Marx, who later became his first client at the Rogers & Cowan PR firm. Wilhite now lives in Maine where he has played a formative role in the Maine International Film Festival’s tributes to iconic cinematic figures like John Ford and Roger Deakins. (Written by Julia Gutterman, ‘20)