Niharika Tuladhar

Niharika Tuladhar is a senior Politics and Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies double major at Bates. Her theses in both the Politics and RFSS departments focus heavily on power dynamics and how they impact the world around us. An international student from Kathmandu, Nepal, Niharika hopes to begin a professional career in political research and humanitarian development upon graduation. To set herself on that track, she has completed a number of internships within fields such as river conservation, teaching, and health/sanitation in the Global South. Further down the road, she wants to continue her education within the same branch of study at a graduate school level. Niharika discovered her love for film at an early age while watching movies about the Ancient Empires and their mythologies with her father. Since then, she has branched out and explored new genres, including documentaries and fantasy series, which she particularly enjoys.