Marisa Sittheeamorn

Maria Sittheeamorn works as an external relations consultant for UN Women in Bangkok, Thailand. While serving as a member of the 2018 Bates Film Festival (BFF) Board of Directors, she developed an interest in festivals and behind-the-scenes operations. After graduating, Sittheeamorn moved to Toronto and worked as a production and research assistant at Her Film Company, a majority female-run production company. Among other accomplishments, she secured $25,000 in grant funding for the company. Sittheeamorn also worked as a writer and editor for Photographers Without Borders, and as a project coordinator at Farsi Cinema Center, where she helped to develop film festivals in Toronto. In 2019, she returned to Bates as a BFF special guest, to introduce Midnight Traveler (BFF Jury Award-Winner for Best Documentary Feature) on behalf of the Farsi Cinema Center. (Written by Audrey Soss ’24)