Erin Fuller

Erin Fuller works in the field of medicine in her hometown of Reno, Nevada.  She graduated from Bates in 2018 where she majored in Psychology, minored in Rhetoric, and served as a member of the 2018 Bates Film Festival (BFF) Board of Directors.  She is planning to return to the East Coast to attend medical school and become a clinical geneticist.  The daughter of a doctor and a nurse, Fuller has always been around medicine, and thrives on assisting her patients and seeing their health improve.  These interpersonal connections are an extension of her work with the Bates Film Festival where she deepened her abilities to collaborate with others and apply her fellow programmers’ thoughts and perspectives into festival events.  Fuller’s involvement with the festival stemmed from her Rhetoric minor and her passion for the unique opportunities and experiences Bates offers.  She fondly remembers seeing her work come to fruition and encourages current programmers to enjoy the process and the opportunity to bring Batesies together. (Written by Amanda Taylor ’23)