Claire Orfield

Claire Orfield, a sophomore double majoring in Politics and Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies, hails from Houston, Texas. Her journey into the world of film was ignited by her aunt and uncle when they compiled a film bucket list. As an active member of the Bates Film Production Club, Claire has contributed to the creation of two short films, including one crafted within the intense constraints of a 24-hour challenge. However, while she acknowledges the entertainment benefit of film, she also embraces the power films have to shed light on important societal issues. (Fun fact: her record number of viewings for “Nope” is probably too embarrassing to admit!) Outside of her passion for film, Claire enjoys playing sports with friends outdoors or learning new skills such as card tricks and solving Rubik’s cubes. Always seeking new challenges and connections, Claire envisions the Bates Film Festival as a platform for fostering appreciation and discussion around the intersection of film and social justice.