Andrew Kennedy

Andrew Kennedy is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Bates College. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Chemistry at Providence College, Professor Kennedy continued his education by getting a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Virginia and completing a fellowship in Neurobiology with the McKnight Brain Institute at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Following a passion for understanding the chemical processes through which long-term memory is encoded, Professor Kennedy came to Bates eager to teach students about various topics ranging from Organic Chemistry to the Mechanisms of Memory. Within the past month, it was announced that Professor Kennedy led a group of Bates students in creating a new molecule, aptly named “Bobcat 339.” Created after two years of research, the discovery has the ability to help patients suffering from various cancers as well as Alzheimer’s by helping to elucidate which drugs are better suited to individual patients. (Written by Nicky Meyerson ‘20)