Maggie Renzi

MAGGIE RENZI has been John Sayles’ creative partner since 1978 and she has produced nearly all of his movies. She has also acted in many of them. 

For John Sayles, Maggie Renzi produced Lianna, The Brother from Another Planet, Matewan, City of Hope, Passion Fish, The Secret of Roan Inish, Lone Star, Men With Guns, Limbo, Sunshine State, Silver City, Honeydripper, and Amigo. She produced many of these films with either Sarah Green or Peggy Rajski.

Renzi produced Karyn Kusama’s Girlfight and is Executive Producer ,with Sayles  on Alejandro Springall’s movie Morirse Esta en Hebreu /My Mexican Shivah.  She produced two of Marta Renzi’s earliest dance films, You Little Wild Heart (soundtrack by Bruce Springsteen) and Mountainview.  She also produced 3 music videos for Bruce Springsteen, which were directed by Sayles: Born in the USA, I’m on Fire, and Glory Days.With Alejandro Springall, she is developing the Western, I Passed This Way, to be directed by Sayles in Andalucia in the Fall of 2024.  Stay tuned.